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In playing the drum set, once you understand the techniques, the motion paths and the shapes, you are really calling on complex sequences of feelings when you play. 


When I’m trying to play something for the first time and it’s difficult for me, it’s not because I can’t play it - it’s because my body isn’t familiar with the sequence yet, but understands how to perform each of the individual tools that create the sequence - learned tools in a new order. 


Once you understand how what you’re trying to play feels on a nervous system level, then you are calling on the specific nervous system programming of that feeling when playing that skill/shape (assuming your technical and physical ability can handle what you’re trying to play). 


This is why you are probably skilled at playing what you already know how to play and have played for a long time: you know how it feels to play those things. 


The challenges then arise when you’re trying to play beyond what you are currently capable of. New skills to create a new sound - what will your vision require of you?


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