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VISION <- -> GOAL <- -> PLAN

I have met and know very few people with all three. 

A vision without a goal or a plan is a fantasy. A goal with no plan will not be accomplished. A plan with no goal won't last, and if it does, it becomes neurotic.


What drives you?

Do you feel that you have all three? If not, do you want all three? Do you feel that you could handle it? Do you know in what ways you would need to develop yourself to be able to handle it? Do you want to find out?


Is your vision YOURS? 


If you have a vision and/or a goal for your playing, would it still excite you and motivate you to the same degree if you were playing and practicing by yourself in isolation? 


Do you love music or do you love the social outcomes of being involved in music? If the latter feels true to you, what do you really believe that you’re using the drums for? What do you see around you and receive in your vision? 


What is the musical, physical, emotional, spiritual outcome of achieving your goal? You must strive to be clear on this, whatever your goal is.  


The drums will only bring you real love if you first authentically love the drums. Not the kind of love you have known, or the kind you think you must have, the kind you can discover is possible for you. 



That being said, don’t disrespect the drums by covertly using them for clout. Maybe those who praise you won’t hear that disrespect. You can’t hide it from the very few who can see/hear through it. You may play for them too, and they will know. 


You must center the love of the instrument and the music in your vision, goal, and plan. 


If you have a plan, how are you documenting the enacting of it? How does your plan hold up long-term? What metrics are you using to measure your development? What are you basing your results in? Does your plan include just practicing at the drums? Do you believe in your own arrival to your goal through your plan? 


This type of work isn’t for everyone and that’s ok. Maybe the work for you is to center what you really love and do that with confidence. 


Whatever it is that you choose to do, be great and create a way to evolve your greatness.



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