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Why is it so hard for so many people to deal with the idea that most people are weak? And beyond that, that they themselves may be weak? 


Many people are so weak that they can’t handle the power of the drums. 


When you have never experienced the true power of your own strength, and worked consistently to build it (physically, mentally, emotionally and technically), it’s very easy to want to push away any language or feelings that may remind you of your own felt weakness.


I’m not talking about the often problematic portrayals of “toughness” that many people may associate with the idea of being strong. I’m talking about whether you are able to handle the vastness of your vision, to live victoriously for yourself. What is required of you to maximize your aliveness? 


No one person can save the world. Maybe the greatest gift you can ever give to yourself is to save and build your world. 


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